MD to Intuitive Coaching?

I often get asked “why did you change from MD work to working as an intuitive coach?” Working in medicine has been great. Getting to know people, the human condition, our pain, and our journey is such a gift. To be witness to someone’s journey and to be able to be trusted and to be […]

Being Present and Healing Your Pain Point

I coach people with a variety of issues from health to relationships to money to business and more. I lump them all into people’s current pain points. Everyone has a pain point, a story, an issue that gets under their skin. This pain point shifts with time. Sometimes it will be your partner, other times […]

Ask an Expert: Tips on Self Care, Global News BC

Family physician and mind-body medicine practitioner, Dr. Divi Chanda, gives her top tips and advice on how to “self-care”.

The Social- The Connection Between Illness and Emotions

Many recent studies show that our thoughts, feelings and attitudes can have an effect on us physically. In fact, the Centre for Disease Control has found that there’s a significant connection between emotions and illness. In this video, MD, mind-body practitioner and two-time author Dr. Divi Chandna, breaks down how the mind and body are […]

2018 HEALTH PREVIEW: Hot tips to stay fit and happy

How we care for our bodies and minds is about to change. Say hello to weed wellness, mindful sweating, smart beds and better guts. Forget fighting fine lines and wrinkles – boosting our health span is the new anti-aging. Read Dr. Divi’s full piece in the Toronto Sun Online

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Canadian Living Article on Depression

Over 350 million people worldwide struggle with depression. “But just because you fit that category, or ‘label’ of depression, doesn’t mean it needs to fit your life for the rest of your life,” says Vancouver-based family physician Dr. Divi Chandna. Dr. Chandna has built her practice on producing positive shifts, and is an expert mind-body practitioner […]